Buxton 2010

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The Caravan Site at Clover Fields was again our pitch for two weeks of the three week festival of G&S.

On the first Saturday of the festival there was a John Reed Special Memorial Concert in the Octagon and the following day there was a Memorial Service for John held in the Methodist Church


The full reports and photos will follow as I have time to produce the pages and up-load to the server -  for the time being I have uploaded the results and some photographs of winners which I took after the performances which we attended.

I will be giving a mark out of ten for each of the productions I saw - the mark is indicated by gold "Gilberts" for amateur performances which were adjudicated and gold "Sullivans"     for professional performances. 

 This mark is based upon my assessment of "entertainment value as a paying customer"  The example below would indicate a score of 7/10