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Eccleshall Hand-Bell Ringers

The Bell Ringers met up at Eccleshall Parish Hall at 6:15 pm where we loaded up two cars with all the accoutrements needed for the concert. We then drove the eleven miles to the Jubilee Hall in Norton in Hales (Shropshire) where the Mucklestone WI meet. We set up ready for the concert.  Tables were arranged in a U-shape up on the small stage. The six large foam pads were placed on the tables and then the covers were put on top.  Music stands were arranged and the bells were taken out of the four cases in which they are stored and transported.

The concert went really well. Veronica spoke between each of the tunes - she explained the many facets of bell ringing, the history of the group and included many interesting facts and figures. Amongst a varied repertoire we had:-

Barcarolle,  Can-Can,  Floral Dance, Fascination , Carillon and Trumpet Voluntary.

They were an excellent audience - very appreciative of  our playing.  They joined in many of the tunes with delightful humming and even the words at times.

After the concert we joined the group for Tea/Coffee and home made savouries and cakes - delightful!

The playing during the concert was of a high standard, much better than we are at our practice sessions?  Well done to all involved

On 1oth April 2015 we had an appointment with the press - The Telegraph, The Observer, The Sun - you ask? Well not quite - it was the Staffordshire Newsletter.  Veronica, who leads our little group of hand-bell ringers, had received a call from the offices of Staffordshire Newsletter.  They had heard that the Eccleshall Ladies Hand-Bell Ringers had voted to admit men and that they had changed their name by dropping the "Ladies".  Once I heard that men could join I went along to the next meeting.  It is good - we all have a great time and make some fine music. Anyway, somehow the paper had got wind of this momentous bit of news? So we arranged to meet the reporter and the photographer here at our house - yes TWO of them - no skimping on news of this magnitude!

So Veronica, her friend who was visiting for the day, and Margaret from down the road turned up at the allotted time and shortly afterwards the two chaps from the paper arrived. I had already suggested on the phone that they might like to take the picture near to the practice location, especially as the daffodils were out and it was a sunny day - they agreed and we all trooped over the road with a selection of bells.

After much arranging of bodies - including the embarrassing promotion of me to the front!!!! he took the photos. Brendon, our postman was keen to get in the photos but we discouraged him ;-) Then the photographer decided to take a video??????? For a Newspaper?????  What is this all about?????  So he asked us to play something - well what chaos!  Our set of about 40 bells are kept in four small wheeled suitcases. completely at random.  Veronica had brought her case which we used for the photo but no way could we use that mixed bunch to play a tune - after a cacophony of noise he abandoned that idea and decided to interview ME!!!! So I was wired up and chatted about what it was like to join and play in the group - probably spoke utter rubbish as it was completely off the cuff! The newsletter is published every Thursday. The article was not in the next week but appeared on Thursday 23rd April 2015


Here is the article from the Staffordshire Newsletter

Click here to watch a video of David giving an interview to the newspaper.