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Eccleshall Hand-Bell Ringers Our Hand-Bells

As mentioned on the main page, our bells were manufactured by the Whitechapel Foundry.


We have a chromatic set of bells. Here you can see the largest and the smallest bell together with a 6”/15cm ruler.  The bells are cast in Bronze which is a mixture of  78% copper,and 22% tin by mass. They have leather handles and collars.

The clapper is screwed into a threaded hole in the centre of the bell where it meets the handle. The clappers have different materials to strike the bell depending upon the size of the bell

To ensure that the bell only rings at the top of the upstroke, there are two springs mounted next to the clapper pivot. These have felt blocks stuck onto them to cushion the blow when the clapper hits them. By careful adjustment of these springs correct playing action is achieved.

This clapper head is a metal ball through which is inserted a leather striker. The leather is then wrapped with felt. This type of clapper striker is for our largest bells. It helps to produce deep sonorous bass notes

Mid-range bells have un-covered leather strikers

The smaller, higher range bells have nylon strikers. There produce sharp, crisp high notes

Our bells all have their own felt bags. The bells, in their individual bags,  are then placed into wheeled cases for transport. The number on the bag shows which station usually plays that bell and the letter indicates the note. This special little bell’s bag has it’s name “Titch” embroidered onto it as well!

We have a few “spare” bells, some of which are American bells produced by the Malmark company

The Malmark bells have a plastic clapper which can be rotated to soften the sound produced by the bell. They also have the factory name and location stamped onto the collar

The Malmark bells also have a white plastic handle with the pitch clearly marked.