Larger Scans

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Player's Cigarettes issued two sets of "larger" cards - these are basically the same as the standard sets although there are only 25 in each set as against the 50 in the standard sets.  The main difference is that the larger cards have more of the background visible.  They were taken from paintings by H.M. Brock showing the costumes used on stage at the time.  The "Extra Large" set came out in 1926 and consists of 25 of the cards from the 1925 standard set. The "Large" set was published in 1928 and consists of 25 of the cards from the 1927 2nd series set.  The "Large" set is slightly more rare than the "Extra-Large" set.


In the illustrations below you can see the relative sizes of the cards and also the difference in the background area.

A Series                                                     Extra Large               



                     2nd Series                                                Large                          


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