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On Australian TV during November 2004 Diana Burleigh became the Grand Champion of "The Einstein Factor" with a special subject of G & S!  The questions had to be answered in 90 seconds - how well will you do?  Have a go and then go to the next page for the answers!

Lives and Works of Gilbert and Sullivan - Grand Final Questions

Q. Which opera features the lines: 'When I was young and charming, as some of you may know, I practised baby-farming'?

Q. In 1900, 'Patience' was revived for 150 performances while which opera was revived for 127?

Q. According to Lady Psyche in 'Princess Ida', what is nature's sole mistake?

Q. Premiering at the Savoy, which opera's debut season ran for 398 performances?

Q. Gilbert financed which theatre in Charing Cross Road that opening in 1889?

Q. In 'The Grand Duke', duels with weapons being illegal, Ernest and Ludwig instead use a deck of cards, Ernest drawing a what?

Q. How many hours are supposed to have elapsed between acts one and two of 'The Sorcerer'?

Q. In 'The Gondoliers', the chorus of girls sings: 'My papa he keeps three horses, black, and white, and what, sir'?

Q. Gilbert and Sullivan first met at the Royal Gallery of Illustration, during rehearsals of which operetta?

Q. In addition to Sillimon and Stupidas, which other member of Thepis' Travelling Theatrical Company has a name beginning with 'S'?

Q. Which character sings: 'Your friendly aid conferred, I need no longer pine. I've but to speak the word, and lo! The maid is mine'?

Q. 'The Mikado' had its Australasian premiere in 1885 at which Sydney theatre?

Q. In 'The Pirates of Penzance', which of General Stanley's daughters sings: 'Every moment brings a treasure of its own especial pleasure'?