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July 29th 2000

Day One 

At about 2pm people started to gather outside the Octagon. many were in costume although, as in previous years the turnout in costume was disappointingly small. We met up with many of our friends from previous festivals. Below you can see Di with Derek

The costume parade was very colourful - all participants assembled on the bandstand for a rendering of "guess what" Hail Poetry. They then moved off for a quick parade around the park and into the Octagon for the "Big Sing"

This is the first event of the festival and usually everyone is full of anticipation and excitement

Susan, Sharon and Gordon get into the festive spirit

The Duke has something to "shout" to the notary (Chris Wain and David Duffy)

It looks like the end for Clive? (Clive Woods & Sylvia Greinig)

Two Pirates and a Fairy (Kelsey, Stephen and Annie)