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Thomas Dyer won his first round in Mastermind 2005 answering questions on the Libretti of W.S.Gilbert. 

See how well you can do?  I have added the answers right at the bottom of the page - after a big space so that you do not cheat!!.

His questions were:-

1. In 'The Pirates of Penzance' what claim do potential victims of the pirates generally make to ensure that they are released unharmed ?

2. In 'Utopia, Ltd', what's the name of the journal which details the King's alleged abominable immoralities ?

3. In 'The Sorcerer', what is the title of the drinking song which begins 'East, Drink and Be Gay' ?

4. In 'Ruddigore', what reason does Sir Ruthven, also known as Robin Oakapple, give for not having committed a crime on the previous Monday ?

5. In 'The Yeomen of the Guard' what is the name of the cousin who has caused Colonel Fairfax's imprisonment, by accusing him of sorcery ?

6. In 'The Mikado', Pooh-Bah is Groom of what, among his many job titles ?

7. At the beginning of 'The Grand Duke', which play has a theatrical troupe arrived in the town square to perform ?

8. By what name did the crew of the HMS Pinafore know Mrs Cripps, a Portsmouth bum-boat woman ?

9. What is the legal term for the crime of having two wives, according to the Prosecution Counsel in 'Trial by Jury' ?

10. What post was held by the real-life Captain Shaw, who attended the premiere of 'Iolanthe' and is mentioned during Act II ?

11. According to Gama's song in 'Princess Ida', "Isn't your life extremely flat with nothing whatever to" ..........?

12. To which Christian denomination had the late King of Barataria been converted in 'The Gondoliers' ?

13. By what means does Bunthorne's solicitor suggest should he choose to marry, after he has been rejected by Patience ?

14. In 'The Pirates of Penzance', of which baronial home has Major-General Stanley recently become the owner ?

15. 'The Yeomen of the Guard' opens with Phoebe doing what, while sitting alone on stage ?

16. What is the occupation of Tarara, in 'Utopia, Ltd', according to the Dramatis Personae ?

17. In 'The Gondoliers', what does Luiz tell the Duke that he can imitate?

18. On which First Lord of the Admiralty, whose retailing business still bears his name, is the character of Sir Joseph Porter in 'HMS Pinafore', generally held to be modeled?

Mr Dyer obtained 15 correct answers - He passed on two and gave one incorrect answer.

 I failed on question number 3!

Now scroll even more down this page for the answers.





















1.They pretended they were orphans.

2. The Palace Peeper

3. Tea-Cup Brindisi

4. It was a Bank Holiday

5. Sir Clarence Poltwhistle

6. Back Stairs

7. Troilus and  Cressida

8. Little Buttercup

9. Burglary

10. Chief of the London Fire Brigade

11. "Grumble at!"

12. Wesleyan Methodist

13. A raffle

14 Tremorden Castle

15. Spinning at the wheel

16. Public Exploder

17. A farmyard

18. W.H.Smith


If you want to try some more click on the link at the top of the page for the questions set in the 2003 quiz.