Other Medals
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Arthur's other medals

Here are the medals in the order in which Arthur would have worn them after the end of the Second World War

The first is the only replica in this display - a Victoria Cross - I bought a replica one because only 1355 of these Victoria Crosses have ever been issued and they cost an absolute fortune - that is if you could ever find one.  I have "toned" the replica to add a little wear and to highlight the parts which would have suffered some rubbing whilst being worn - it is not a bad match for his real one.


Next are the three WW1 campaign medals - he went out, and won his VC,  in 1915 so he has the 1914/15 Star.


Then the British War Medal - this is made from solid silver

Then the Victory Medal

These three medals are all named before issue to the troops - as Arthur's medals, other than the VC are with his more immediate family I have purchased some off the Internet - they were awarded to T2-017241 Driver L.A.Parke of the Army Service Corps.

In 1937 Arthur was presented with the Coronation Medal of King George VI.


Finally, as a result of his service in the Home Guard, Arthur was entitled to wear the Defence Medal. 

The medals are worn in the order of precedence and this is why the Defence Medal comes before the Coronation Medal

The last two medals are un-named, as issued.