The Plaque
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The Blue Plaque

Arthur's Heroic deeds were finally commemorated by the placing of a blue plaque on the house from which he left for the Great War and to which he returned after his convalescence.  The plaque was placed there by The Ipswich Society after much work by many individuals. I like to think I had some influence on these proceedings as I first investigated the houses in which Arthur had lived back in 2005 - I took the photo below and also sent a letter to the "occupants" to inform them that they were living in the house from which Arthur went to war.  I now know that the owners of the property are Samantha Jane and Karl Parker.  Samantha was researching her Grandfather's records in the Ipswich Records office when, by pure chance, she met David Empson and she mentioned that she was living in the house from which Arthur went to war. From this chance encounter David went on to get all the wheels rolling to culminate in the great ceremony when the plaque was unveiled on 26th September 2010 - 95 years after the Victoria Cross action.  Perhaps, without that letter which I sent, Samantha would not have know about the history of their house?

 180 Cauldwell Hall Road before the plaque was put up (Original photo I took back in 2006)

 The British Legion and representatives from many ex-service associations start to assemble

 The flag bearers position themselves


 Representatives from the Suffolk Company of The Royal Anglian Regiment attended the ceremony