The Reception
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The Reception

We had been given permission to use the local TA centre for the reception which proved to be an ideal location

People met up and started chatting - cups of tea and coffee were available and an excellent buffet was put on.

Gradually more and more arrived

The food was a very popular area.

There was also an exhibition of militaria including many items about Arthur.

Thanks from the family, to all those who had worked so hard in making this occasion happen, were given by Clive.

The Mayor of Ipswich, David Empson the organizer of the whole event and the Brigadeer with Taff Gillingham in the background

Troops of the Suffolk Company of the Royal Anglian Regiment accept a Arthur Saunders display case to put in the Sergeants' Mess

Cyril Saunders prepares to present the Brigadeer with a cigarette case, once owned by Arthur Saunders, which is accepted on behalf of the Suffolk Regiment Museum.

The cigarette case is presented

Details of the cigarette case - unfortunately no-one knew anything about the donor, E. Bates

Close examination of the cigarette case.

Another case had been brought to the reception.