After the Battle
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After the battle

The brave actions which Arthur carried out caused the terrible injuries to his leg.  He was carried back to the dressing station - it could have been this one in the area a short distance behind the lines?

He was eventually repatriated and spent time in St.George's Hospital - Harrogate, Yorkshire from the 10th May 1916.  

This is a photograph of Arthur taken at the hospital in 1916 wearing his hospital "uniform"

Here Arthur is with Marie, Grand Duchess of Russia.

Arthur sitting on his bed in the hospital.  It was whilst in hospital, on 1st April 1916, he was told of the award of his Victoria Cross.

Leaving hospital after treatment.  What a splendid form of transport.

A concert arranged for Arthur by the Grand Duchess George at Harrogate Opera House 



This is a photo of Marie at the door of one of her hospitals, surrounded by nurses and wounded soldiers. The address on the sign on the wall outside the Hospital is 1 Tewit Well Avenue Harrogate North Yorkshire


He returned home on 22nd July, for a short while, where he was given a public welcome via decorated streets and much cheering and flag waving as he made his way to the Town Hall.  Here he was greeted by the Mayor and Corporation and many of the Officers of the Suffolk Regiment, including Lieutenant-Colonel Bretell who was in command of the 9th Suffolk Regiment in Loos when Arthur won his VC.  Arthur made his way back to his home in Cauldwell Hall Road, Ipswich, accompanied by the drum band of the 2nd/1st London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)

A contemporary newspaper cutting from the time about his arrival back from hospital and below is the "official" photo of him taken from the newspaper of the time.

A public collection was made and a sum of 365 was raised by the citizens of Ipswich and the Suffolk Regiment. Arthur had to return to Beaulieu  in July, having not fully recovered from his wounds.  He used his gift of money to purchase a house at 354 Foxhall Road, Ipswich, where he and his wife Edith lived for the rest of their lives.


The Gallagher Cigarette Company created several sets of cards showing recipients of the Victoria Cross - I was looking for one with Arthur on for quite a long time and then found two on the same day - so I bought them both! Here you see both surfaces of both cards - they are in good condition, one being slightly lighter than the other.