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Victoria Cross Memorabilia

In this section I will be showing  Victoria Cross related items, some of which I have in my collection.

Each Victoria Cross medal is made from the bronze of Russian cannons captured during the Crimean War. (The cannons are thought to have come originally from China!) This metal is so hard that the medals can not be pressed but have to be cast. The design, chosen by Queen Victoria and described in the Royal Warrants as a Maltese Cross, bears the words "For Valour" in a scroll and has the Royal Crown surmounted by a lion guardant. The reverse is engraved, within a raised circle, with the date of the act for which the award is bestowed. The VC consists of the medal itself with a crimson ribbon. Provision is made for a "bar" to indicate additional awards of the same medal. London-based Hancocks & Co. (Jewellers) Ltd., established in 1849, has made all of the VCs awarded to date.  In WW2 Hancocks charged the Government the equivalent of 1.50 for each VC they made.

The first presentation of a Victoria Cross was made in Hyde Park on June 26, 1857, when Queen Victoria decorated 62 officers and men for actions during the Crimean War. To this day, the VC is awarded only by Royal Assent and is presented by the Monarch. Since 1854, the Victoria Cross has been bestowed 1,355 times (1,352 medals and three bars).

This is Arthur's VC which is held in the Suffolk Regiment Museum - we were lucky enough to be shown the actual medal when we visited the Suffolk Regiment Museum in Spring 2006.

To see more details about Arthur's medal click onto the image above.

I just have a replica VC but have worked a little on it to "tone" it.

This collection of items belonging to Capt. A. J. Shout of the 1st Australian Infantry Battalion contains his Victoria Cross which was won for most conspicuous bravery at Lone Pine Trenches, in the Gallipoli Peninsula on the morning of 9th August, 1915.

It went on sale at an auction Bonham's and Goodman in Sydney on 24th July 2006 where it raised A$1,000,000 ( 407200) but the buyer has decided to put it with the other VCs won by Australians which are on display at the National War Memorial in Canberra.

In April of 2004 the Victoria Cross awarded to Sergeant Norman Cyril Jackson RAF was sold at auction for 235,250 - a world record until beaten by the medal above. 

The aircraft involved was Avro Lancaster ME669 'ZN-O' of No.106 Squadron, RAF Bomber Command, similar to the one below.

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