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Arthur's Display Case


In honour of Arthur's brave deed I have constructed a display case to show what medals he would have won and worn and what other items would be found on his uniform

 (The Suffolk Regiment shoulder flash at the bottom is probably from WW2 - Arthur would obviously not have had one but it is colourful and looks good in the display! Also Arthur would not have worn the Suffolk Regiment brass buttons - these were only issued to officers prior to 1922 - Arthur would have worn the General Service Brass buttons on his uniform)

At the top are two Suffolk Regiment Cap Badges. They differ slightly in the Keep and the Crown Also the wreath is different and there is an extension at the base of the left version.  These differences are due to different manufacturers producing the badges for the Government.


Between the cap badges is the Silver War Badge - Arthur would have been presented with this when he left the army before the end of WW1 (as a result of his horrific wounds).  The badge would be worn to ensure that people he met back in England did not think he was avoiding the war.  Many civilians were persecuted by their neighbours if they did not go and fight for their country. By wearing this badge Arthur was showing people that he had done his service but had been wounded.

Curving under the Silver War Badge, often erroneously called the Silver Wound Badge, is the shoulder title for the Suffolk Regiment.

Then we have the medals - these are described in the introduction.

Below there are three large Suffolk Regiment Buttons 

On the right in the display case is a Suffolk Regiment Old Comrades Association lapel badge, a small Suffolk Regiment button and a British Legion Lapel badge.

Between the above is a picture of Arthur wearing his VC and below that is a shoulder flash from the Second World War.