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Arthur in print

There are many books which give details of Arthur's heroic deeds - usually it is the official citation and the picture as in the cigarette card.  This is the case in the copy of "The War Illustrated" which I have for 22nd April 1916 (No 88 Vol 4.)

This is the front cover of the publication (which is now rather fragile)

On the page for  those decorated we see Arthur on the left about the middle of the page .

If you want to see more pictures from magazines like this then click here

Of course there are many books on WW1 - a series which covers all the winners of the Victoria Cross in great detail is called "VCs of the First World War"

The "Western Front 1915" book contains details about Arthur on pages 165 to 168.  This is the most comprehensive account of Arthur's action and life - second only to this website of course!

re are three other books in the series.


The books above only deal with specific periods during WW1 - for an overall book which contains details of all the Victoria Cross holders I have found that "The Register of the Victoria Cross" is excellent.  It lists all the VC holders in alphabetical order

Each page contains five VC holders - usually with a photograph and minimal details of their award.

Above is Arthur's page and below are the details from that page.

The copy of the book I have is a hard back version which was published in 1981 and therefore does not contain the very latest recipients since then - the Falklands and Gulf.

Arthur is featured - along with the other Suffolk VC on the cover of The History of the Suffolk Regiment

Arthur fortunately survived his wounds and therefore did not appear in this very sad book containing the names of all the members of the Suffolk Regiment who lost their lives in WW1 - the book lists the names alphabetically in battalion order - there are 459 names in the 9th Battalion section.