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Gilbert & Sullivan Stamps

This set of stamps was issued on 21st July 1992

It is possible to obtain these stamps in many formats .

This is the official first day cover by the Royal Mail - there are many variations on this "official" theme - with different graphics and cancellations

This is a first day cover and it is autographed by John Reed - they were on sale at the Festival in 1994 or 1995

The stamps themselves are in five denominations:-

The 39p stamp pictures one of the Fairies (Iolanthe?) with the tower of the Houses of Parliament behind.

The Pirate King is depicted on the 33p stamp

The 28p stamp pictures Ko-Ko

One of the Gondoliers is on the 24p stamp (First Class Mail at the time)

A yeoman, with the Tower of London in the background, is on the 18p stamp (Second class mail at the time)