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At the AGM of the TMF we elected David Beswick  into a newly created role, that of President.

Peter Wilshaw resigned as our Chairman and a new system of selecting the Chairman was initiated. It was proposed that the Vice Chairman was in post for two years after which he became the Chairman. The tenure of the Chairman would therefore  also be two years. This was carried.

The membership elected Peter Chamberlain as our Chairman and John Turnock was proposed and elected as Vice Chairman.

A new slant on the Christmas story as described by TMF “thespians”

In the Christmas Carol Concert at Holy Trinity on Sunday 15th December, the TMF enacted the shepherds being told, by the Angel of the Lord, of the birth of Jesus.

Jonathan Jones made a great Angel of the Lord, passing on the news to the shepherds from “on High” in the pulpit.

Thanks to the Rev. Jules for the photographs.

Round the World Clipper Race 2019-20

TMF member Keith Winstanley had joined  his Clipper Yacht for four legs of the round the world race. Keith is sailing on the yacht UNICEF for legs 2,3 6 and 8, although due to Covid the race is currently on hold.

It is possible to follow his progress using a live feed map by clicking here. Once the program  loads you can move around by holding the left mouse button down and moving the mouse over the map. You can also zoom in and out by using the scroll wheel on top of your mouse. Give it a try? Also if you hold your mouse cursor over the boats it will show their name. Hint, Keith’s boat is medium blue on the map!

We wish Keith a wonderful time and our chairman says ' Keep safe Keith. Enjoy every second. We are all rooting for you!'

March 2020 Update

Keith currently has had a  haemorrhage in his left eye just before starting on his penultimate leg. He hopes to start on his final leg across the Atlantic later in the year.

Keith in his official Waterproofs

The Clipper UNICEF  

in which Keith will sail.

Keith has a Blog which you can follow by clicking here