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The longer walk at Burston.

We all met up in the car park of the Greyhound  Inn. The weather was absolutely brilliant with azure blue skies as we set off on our walk. We had been promised an almost level walk with just one stile - Oh Bliss! We crossed over the railway line and then as we went in front of the  next houses we spotted the cattle grids at their gates.  Smaller animals could easily get in at the sides? Perhaps they were to stop wandering TMF members?

We arrived at the heart of the village which was an enormous pond frequented with wildfowl and a couple of fishermen. It is a most beautiful setting. The charming little cottages were very politically motivated and expressed their affiliations on the wheelie bins and windows.

Next we arrived at the canal. It is so tranquil and picturesque.  We paused on top of the bridge to take in the views.

As we made our way across a large field of stubble we could not believe our eyes. Parked in the middle of the field was a light aircraft!

Standing dejectedly by the footpath was a gentleman who was looking very sorry for himself. The members approached and discovered that he was the pilot! His engine had stopped and he had to find somewhere to land, this field provided the answer. He had to wait until the engineer came out and checked the engine to find out why it has stopped. We have seen some unexpected sights on our walks but this must be up at the top of the list?

On entering the village of Aston we came across a little “honesty box” containing eggs, at least it should have contained eggs but Rob discovered that it was empty. Some lovely views of the church  became visible as we moved through the village.

Inside the church yard there were some wonderful carvings made out of tree trunks. There were heads, animals and a magnificent “totem pole”

A return to the canal but much higher up. The swan took a great interest in our approach but once it realised there was no food forthcoming it departed in disgust. Then a lock appeared, this was closely examined by the membership!

We next came to Aston Marina with it’s myriad of narrow boats. Ray pointed out that the bridge over the entrance to the marina was based upon the famous Iron bridge over the River  Severn in Shropshire. We then walked down the canal until we came to a stile back onto the road.

Back to the village of Burston where we visited the tiny Methodist Church and then had a sit by the pond. Then on to the inn for a delightful lunch

A wonderful day out. To see more photographs and a map of the route just click here