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As you are all aware, the number of Coronavirus infections is increasing daily.  Furthermore, the experts are predicting that this is likely to continue for some time.  You will also be aware that the people most susceptible to the virus are the elderly, especially those with underlying health conditions.  

The TMF Committee have taken the view that to continue with our normal activities would be irresponsible and an unacceptable risk to many of us.  We have, reluctantly, taken the decision to cancel the planned walk at Offley Hay and lunch at The Royal Oak on 27th March.  Secretary Rob has informed us that the number of members signing up for the lunch is lower than normal, which suggests that some of you have already decided that the risk is unacceptable.

We have not, at this stage, made any decisions about future events, but we will be guided by advice from the Government and their experts as well as opinions of members. You will of course be kept informed of our decisions.

Of course, TMF members take part in other activities such as breakfasts, cribbage etc.  Clearly, some of you may wish to continue with those activities.  That is your collective decision, but you must do so as individuals and not as members of TMF.

The TMF Committee will not be holding face-to-face meetings but will maintain contact with members indirectly. We encourage all members to do the same and to inform the committee or other members if there is anything that we can do collectively, especially for those who are alone or struggling.

We pride ourselves on being a Fellowship.  Fellowship is easy when things are going smoothly.  It is more important when they are not.

With very best wishes at this time.

Yours in Fellowship

Peter Chamberlain

Chairman TMF