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Trinity Men’s Fellowship Eccleshall - Staffordshire

The TMF activities usually involve a little education from one or more members. Here we see Peter indicating the deep gouges  in the metal corner protector on a bridge over the canal, which have been caused by thousands of ropes being pulled past it as the barges made their way up the canal.

They always involve a good lunch in good company with lots of chatter and banter.

At some point we usually pause for a group photograph

The occasional glass of amber nectar may sometimes be involved?

We visit some wonderful locations.

We discovered the Millennium Stones in the Norbury Junction area

We have received a “Thank You” from Katharine House Hospice for the donation of £50 as we agreed at our AGM.

Bird Watching

Doxey Marsh

TMF antipodean branch? Awaiting repatriation having completed his sentence of transportation? Poor David having to suffer all that sun! But now we all know about the sunshine after such a wonderful start to the summer

This letter was sent from Ruth to thank those members of TMF who helped the two students, from Stafford College, in the making of their film about Eccleshall (see Peter’s account to the right).