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Interesting happenings and facts about Eccleshall and Staffordshire

Did they know that this IS Market Fields? 9 years ago they appeared as if by divine right...and they ate my roses! (David Milner)

Is this the end of the road? Lamb chops or what?

Who said TMF meant Try Market Fields? Let’s get outa here

Peter Wilshaw asks you a question?

This question came from my old scouting buddy. He asked me whether I knew where is the highest point in Staffordshire. Everyone assumes it is the top of a hill, Mow Cop, The Roaches, Tony Keele Observatory, that kind of place. It isn’t. Read on..

Two photos below of the highest point in Staffs, both taken in Derbyshire as the wall is the boundary between Staffs and Derbyshire. Staffs is inside the pointy corner of the wall. The Cat and Fiddle is just visible on the horizon of the photo with that name. I presume the border is the wall, but it might be the wooden stakes. The point is near the top of Cheeks Hill behind Axe Edge, but not actually at the top of it and so is a point with no name. It is 1705 feet above sea level.

The Cat and Fiddle Inn

Two other facts from Peter:-

By the latest estimate there are 2500 species of butterfly and moth in the UK of which an amazing 70% can be found in Staffordshire.

The latest top ten given names in Staffordshire were; Harry, George, Charlie, Oliver, Noah, Alfie, Jacob, Freddie, Logan and Jack. We have no TMF members who elect to go by any of those names so, as soon as we give our names to anyone, we are immediately identified as old!