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This page is to share pictures, anecdotes, etc. of your pets. Either current pets or previous pets … or both????

Mike with his son’s Labrador dog which sometimes they have the luxury of looking after!

David and Di’s Border Collie and one eyed cat. Rikki and Fluffy

Rikki was our first dog as a married couple. He was a wonderful pet, very clever and obedient. We also had a  a very fluffy cat, called “Fluffy” by the kids - they were always very imaginative?

Fluffy was once hit by a car but he was put back together again, minus an eye and lived on as if nothing had happened.

Every time Fluffy came into the house/garden, Rikki thought it was his duty to keep him there. He was such a gentle dog that he tried to do this by just getting in the way, as you can see from the photo,  But Fluffy could easily escape with a quick body swerve and a leap and he was over the fence, leaving a frustrated sheep-dog behind!

We had Rikki for about 14 years, during the kids formative years, so you can imagine the impact he had upon them?

A wonderful “heterochromic eyed ” dog,

One blue and one brown!

Many of you will remember Pickle, the “TMF Guide Dog”. We looked after her for several months during which  she became quite well known walking around town and going into the shops and library for her early training. It was a great day when our supervisor gave her the blue Guide Dog coat as recognition of her progress.   Below is her first walk out wearing the “new” coat!

Below is the latest picture of Pickle, It is planned that she will become a brood bitch as she came up to Staffordshire from the south of the country and so will increase the gene pool for our local dogs.

Please send me anecdotes and/or photos of your pets for inclusion in this section of out website?