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As we have been in lockdown we have all had much more time for the garden, so I thought what plants have done well this year and which have been a disappointment.

Roses have been brilliant this year. Lots of large healthy flowers. Great colours and healthy leaves, mainly free from  any fungal infection and no sign of green fly!

The lupins have been incredible. The ones you see above are the SECOND set of spikes, the first set, as you would expect were even larger/taller! There are currently 23 spikes on the pink  lupin on the left

The raspberries have been strange this year. There were hardly any leaves early in the season and even now they are very sparse. They don’t look too bad in the photo but they are quite yellow and sparse still. The fruit is about half the amount I would expect from previous years. I blame the drought conditions earlier.

I have had terrible disappointments with the germination of seeds!

Do send in some photos of plants which are doing well and those which are not up to standard.      David

Lilies have been a strange mixture this year. At the start of summer they were really struggling and made very wimpy vegetation but then once the flowers came out they were magnificent.

These Tree Lilies have been great with a tremendous show of flowers. However, if you look closely you will see that the leaves are quite small, compared with normal years, as are the stems. Note the apples ripening in the background. The lilies on the right are doing really well and look beautiful. The flower heads are so large that the plants have had to be staked.

Our friend in Falmouth brought us up some Agapanthus plants which grow like weeds down there. This was the first year that ours have managed a flower, but they were worth waiting for!

This hydrangea was on it’s last legs during the drought earlier in the year. Despite watering it every day and sometimes twice a day, the leaves were curling up and going brown. I thought it was a gonner! But just look at it now, a picture and lovely new green leaves have developed. Other hydrangeas, which did not suffer as much in the drought have produced a lot of foliage but no flowers???