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Things which remind you of TMF during this lockdown

In this section we are looking at everyday items which somehow remind us of TMF

Peter Wilshaw  sends us some of his  items with a TMF connection:-

Visitors today brought this bottle of Shiraz. Its name immediately sparked memories and images of fellows and fellowship past (and, once this madness is over, more fellowship to come)

Other items I spot around the house and garage invariably conjure up images of TMF times, places and personalities. I wonder whether other Fellows experience the same. 

Binoculars - Doxey Marshes -  ‘did you spot the Crane?’

Raffle Tickets - Christmas Fayre,  so many tiffs and laughs

My favourite fizzy drink is Lucozade and this gives me an almost daily reminder of our time on the Wrekin walk when my bottle of Lucozade had rolled out of the pouch in my rucksack into the boot of the car and I had not noticed, until I needed a drink. I made it to the top but as we started our slippery way down the other side I suffered a bad bout of dehydration. I remember the kindness of members as they gave me drinks, fed me chocolate bars and helped me stagger down from the hill. At the bottom I waited with Rob as the walkers went on to the pub and then came back for me in their cars. Hopefully this will never happen again to any members on a walk as “official” drink breaks now take place on every walk.            David

David and Rob wait patiently for the cars.

David S tells us how a drink of pop reminds him of the toughest TMF walk.

This morning’s examples; Walking Poles - The Wrekin - slip=sliding away, ‘more bent poles than a Warsaw gaol’